Bruce Braithwaite

Founder and President

Braithwaite Technology Consultants Inc.
2235 Sheppard Avenue East
Suite 906
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M2J 5B5

Tel: +1 (416) 499-2861
Fax: +1 (416) 499-8543

Professional Experience:

Bruce joined one of the big four international accounting firms from 1976 and articled with them until 1978, when he received his Canadian chartered accountants designation. He remained with the firm as a taxation specialist until 1982, when he left to form a boutique accounting firm specializing in providing services knowledge based industries.

In 1994 Bruce formed Braithwaite Technology Consultants Inc. (Braithwaite), a company of scientists, engineers and accountants that assist taxpayers in preparing R&D tax credit claims. Under his tenure Braithwaite has grown to the largest national independent R&D tax credit advisory company in Canada, serving about 500 clients on an annual basis and filing more than 10,000 R&D claims at a success rate of greater than 99%. Recently, Braithwaite opened an office in the UK.

Bruce is a frequent lecturer on R&D tax credit matters. He has published a number of professional conference papers and newspaper, magazine articles related to this subject. Bruce has served on a number of professional committees at the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants and served two terms as President of the North York CA Association

Conference Papers:

  • R&D - Credits Today, Innovation: Setting Up Research Facilities and Contracts, Canadian Tax Foundation, 1999 Corporate Management Tax Conference
  • Government System for High Tech - The SR&ED Tax Credit Program, Strategy Institute, 2000 Conference on the Art and Science of Financing High Techs
  • Software Development Work as SR&ED, Canadian Tax Foundation, 2000 Ontario Tax Conference, Oct 2000.