Give yourself credit for your innovation

Reduce your research investment costs by filing for SR&ED tax credits.
Trust the experts.

Braithwaite Technology Consultants Inc. can assist you in obtaining tax credits for research and development activities. We take the uncertainty out of the filing process and relieve pressure on internal resource requirements.

Our consultants each have many years of experience with the SR&ED tax credit program. Some are former Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reviewers. They can help you in every step of the way: identifying eligible activities, preparing claim forms, gathering and keeping documentation and defending claims during audits.

We can save and make you money

Applying for the SR&ED credit can be complex. Writing reports and costing activities addressing CRA specific requirements veer company employees away from core activities.

The process can also be expensive. There are internal costs involved in the identification of projects and the collection of documents. There is also an opportunity cost of not properly identifying a project or underestimating its size. And there are extra costs if a firm needs to defend a poorly prepared claim. No doubt some companies believe it is not worth their time and leave SR&ED tax credits unclaimed. However, successful claims can significantly improve bottom-lines.

This is where Braithwaite can come in and assist your company. For over twenty years we have helped clients to recover a significant portion of the cost of their investment in R&D. Based on a time proven methodology, our consultants can handle the tasks involved in making a claim, maximizing your return and reducing the burden on your own resources.

Simple and proven methodology

Through interviews our consultants gain an in-depth understanding of your processes and products, gathering the necessary information to prepare technical and financial reports. Our experience with tax laws allows us to assist you in identifying eligible activities, and properly applying costs to those activities. We only advise a company to apply for a credit when there is a high eligibility potential.

At Braithwaite you deal with senior consultants

It takes us two years to train an experienced accountant to effectively apply costs to SR&ED activities and to calculate tax credits. Our team of seven accountants, some of whom have CRA work experience, are experts in rules and policies for SR&ED tax credits. Our team of twenty seven scientists and engineers have significant technical backgrounds. Many have advanced degrees and CRA review experience. They have significant training in the SR&ED tax credit program, and they understand the ground rules and the types of activities that qualify for incentives.

Professional approach in every aspect

Clients engage us in all stages of the claim process:

  • Preparation of technical and costing submissions
  • Staff training through seminars or as part of the claim process set up
  • Claim tracking and follow-up
  • Preparation of notices of objections to tax assessments
  • Assistance with CRA examinations
  • Appeals of claims denied fully or in part
  • Acting as expert witnesses and advising lawyers in court cases
  • Establishment of cost-and-activity-tracking systems to document R&D

We listen to our clients, maintain them informed of the work we do and keep our deadlines. If there are any changes in scope, we will seek your approval. We deal with problems openly and react quickly. We initiate and anticipate.