Our Services - The Braithwaite advantage

The Braithwaite Advantage

We became the leading R&D tax credit specialists:

  • By filing over 10,000 claims giving us deep insight into the program
  • By achieving a success rate in excess of 99% in terms of claims made
  • By serving in excess of 500 companies on an annual basis

We take a three discipline team approach involving the services of a technical, financial and taxation consultant to insure that claims will be maximized from all three aspects

Constantly changing legislation, rules, polices and new court decisions can create opportunities in favourable circumstances. As an exclusive SR&ED tax recovery practise, our focus is directed to identifying all available opportunities within the legislation.

Our size gives us broad industry expertise: consultants with backgrounds in IT, physics, chemistry, geophysics, biopharma, construction, tool and die, automotive, mining and oil and gas. We staff our engagements with consultants who know the R&D process particular to your industry, and how your employees work through that process. We know where to look for opportunities. We don’t file frivolous claims and we don’t waste your time in training us.

We have a strong commitment to find all activities and expenditures that are likely to be approved as eligible.

Our time-proven methodology reduces your internal costs related to process compliance while enhancing claims using a thorough activity and cost identification process We are able to apply that process to enhance existing claims.

We have an outstanding reputation in the tax community and with SR&ED program officials. Where negotiations are required we have the ability to work in difficult situations achieving satisfactory results through our depth of knowledge of the law and current assessing practises.

We work with your accountants so that your tax credit strategy is effectively integrated into your overall taxation strategy.