Canada’s automotive industry is centered in the heart of North America’s largest vehicle producing region: the Great Lakes automotive manufacturing cluster. Canada is one of the world’s top 10 producers of light vehicles, with a $19 billion contribution to GDP. The industry directly employs more than 125,000 people, with an additional 400,000 people in aftermarket services and dealership networks. [1]

As being one of the largest producers of light vehicles, Canadian automotive companies are finding new and innovative ways to get a competitive advantage. Investments in research and development continue to increase each and every year but many companies often overlook potential refunds from the Canadian Government.

Below are some eligible R&D activities in the automotive industry.

Examples of eligible R&D activities:

  • Developing new passenger vehicles, trucks and military vehicles;
  • Developing new design concepts for component and systems across the vehicle chassis, body, and powertrain;
  • Developing new or improved production processes and associated equipment;
  • Developing new coatings and improvements to coating processes to reduce corrosion;
  • Extending knowledge of battery technology to meet environmental concerns;
  • Developing new engines to meet legislative changes;
  • VA/VE: reducing component and production costs through design and process changes;
  • Developing a software solution to support intelligent mobility;
  • Extending the capability of material science through an integration of composite materials.

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[1] Source: Canadian Automotive Industry