Eligible R&D Activities in the Telecom Industry

Trying to determine eligible R&D activities in the telecom industry? Braithwaite Canada has you covered with a list of some eligible activities to consider when filing your next R&D Tax Credit Claim.

Examples of Eligible R&D activities :

  • Creating new technologies to optimize the network bandwidth;
  • Developing next generation telecoms and IT network solutions to mobile and fixed line operators and providers of enterprise networks;
  • Replacing legacy telephony services with newer technology approaches (e.g. VoIP);
  • Developing equipment and software to provide customers with a seamless convergent telecommunications experience anytime, anywhere, through any terminal;
  • Appreciably improving security infrastructure that supports broader network services access;
  • Replatforming or consolidating technology behind multiple business lines;
  • Developing storage and retrieval techniques to solve prohibitive transactional volumes.

Expenditures can include wages, third party contractor cost, materials, machinery, equipment, and overheads.

Braithwaite Technology Consultants Inc. can assist you in obtaining tax credits for research and development activities. Whether your work involves basic research, applied research, or experimental development, Braithwaite can take the uncertainty out of the filing process and get you the credit you deserve for your innovation.

For a detailed evaluation of the telecommunications industry, please contact the professionals at Braithwaite.

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