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As leading SR&ED consultants in Canada, Braithwaite is staffed by exceptional employees around the globe including a wide range of diplomas, masters, and degrees. Our family focus has allowed Braithwaite to grow and flourish for over 30+ years. Get to know some of the Braithwaite family below.

Bruce Braithwaite

B.Comm., Accounting & Information Technology


Bruce joined one of the big four international accounting firms from 1976 and articled with them until 1978 when he received his Canadian chartered accountant’s designation. He remained with the firm as a taxation specialist until 1982, when he left to form a boutique accounting firm specializing in providing services for knowledge-based industries. In 1994 Bruce formed Braithwaite Technology Consultants Inc. (Braithwaite), a company of scientists, engineers and taxation accountants that assist taxpayers in preparing R&D tax credit claims.

Bruce is a frequent lecturer on R&D tax credit matters. He has published a number of professional conference papers and newspaper, magazine articles and a book related to this subject. He has served on a number of professional committees at the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants and served two terms as President of the North York CA Association.

Kathy has been the Chief Financial Officer for Braithwaite for over 24 years.

She is an experienced controller with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. skilled in business planning, financial accounting, start-ups, and corporate finance. 

Carmen Dumitriu

B.Sc. Pure Mathematics, Advanced Financial Accountant

Senior Taxation Consultant
1-416-499-2861 x315

Carmen accounts for an extensive 16 years full time experience in SR&ED tax credits claims preparation. During her SR&ED claims preparation practice, she accumulated solid experience with CRA review process and requirements, having preparing taxation and financial part of the credits for more than 3,000 claims, as well as having participated in quite a few scientific reviews in her time at Braithwaite Technology Consultants Inc. This experience helped her acquire knowledge on CRA’s expectations regarding work and expenses eligibility and how a claim is structured and presented from CRA’s perspective.

Matt Mayer

Vice President Operations
1-416-499-2861 x245

Matt has been with Braithwaite since 2012 but has taken on the Operations Manager role for all Braithwaite locations (Canada, Ireland and the UK) since 2013.

As the Operations Manager, Matt is involved with all aspects of the business. With his education background from Seneca College, Matt focuses on improving and maintaining the internal Braithwaite process as well as customer care. It is his mission to bring out the best in his employees and customers by providing excellent and exceptional service.

Zina Wong

Vice President of Business Solutions & Services

With over 20+ years’ experience in Finance and Business Development, Zina Wong joined the Braithwaite Canada family in 2017 and is Vice President, Business Solutions & Services.

She is responsible for leading the transformation of business operations, delivering strategic solutions, managing and maintaining executive relationships within the Canadian region. Being an industry expert and a thought leader who builds strong and positive partnerships with business executives and technology vendors, Zina effectively and constantly delivers value from an end-to-end solution.

Zina is a customer focused leader who empowers individuals to be high quality performers. She is always striving to take the time to connect and learn from her clients and to provide exceptional “white glove” experience every step of the way.

Shweta Mehta

Office Admin | Market Research
1-416-499-2861 x308

Shweta has been associated with Braithwaite for two years and recently took up the role of Office Administrator. She looks after the final step of our business process – invoicing and collections. Also an avid market researcher, she is determined to locate targeted prospects for the SR&ED Tax Credit Claim. Her aim is to develop a great rapport with existing and potential clients.

Finally, Shweta continues to enhance the Braithwaite brand by highlighting our success stories and the latest industry news on Social Media.

Fred Lopez

Office Manager, Senior Accountant
1-416-499-2861 x242

Employed by Braithwaite for over 8 years, Fred has an extensive accounting background.

Fred is always learning and developing new skills to bring to the Braithwaite team.

Gregory (Greg) Molev, Ph.D.

Senior Science Advisor
1-416-499-2861 x230

Greg is actively involved in scientific research since 2000. He has experience in analytical and organic chemistry, biochemistry, nanotechnology and material science. Greg authored 18 publications in leading scientific journals, registered a US patent and presented at many international conferences.Since 2013 Greg has worked on a variety of SR&ED claims (preparation and support). During that time, he prepared successful claims for many companies from various industries, focusing on chemical engineering, cannabis, food, pharma, and clinical research related corporations of all sizes. The majority of his clients were approved by CRA, and those audited had their claim successfully defended. His passion for research and a deep understanding of science and technology are most helpful, both in technical narratives preparation and in supporting his clients in their ongoing projects. As part of his consulting, Greg provides training on how to convert certain sections of routine work into SR&ED eligible projects.

In addition to SR&ED practice, Greg is an R&D consultant in two cosmetics manufacturing companies. He assists in developing research plans and runs hands-on experiments when necessary

Geoff Swamy, B.A.

SR&ED Software Specialist
1-416-499-2861 x313

Geoff has more than 15 years of writing experience, consisting of creating technical training manuals and workflow procedures, developing and structuring content, editing, quality assurance, and interviewing SMEs. For over 12 of these years, Geoff specialized as an SR&ED consultant, preparing and successfully defending SR&ED claims for clients in Canada and the UK – including 2 years managing an SR&ED Technical writing department. Geoff has been involved in all aspects of the SR&ED claim process, from project eligibility scoping to audit support/defense. His primary responsibilities include interviewing SMEs to identify eligible activities, preparing technical reports, and data analysis of project records, supporting technical documentation, and time-tracking tools to establish qualifying project expenditures. He has prepared SR&ED claims for industries including IT/software, engineering, and manufacturing, and has developed a comprehensive understanding of these industries’ operations. This has been reflected in a high approval rate for Geoff’s submitted claims, and he has successfully defended those that were selected for audit by CRA.

He also has 2 years of experience working in database management and network administration. Here, Geoff’s ability to translate complex technical information into easily digestible formats was used to develop documentation for staff training purposes. These training manuals included visual aids, functional descriptions, and operator interfaces for software programs and internal technical staff operating procedures.

Clifford Suld

B.A.Sc. (Industrial Engineering), M.Eng. (I.T., Mathematical modeling), MBA for Science and Technology (Entrepreneurship)

Senior Science Advisor
1-416-499-2861 x237

Having honed skills for over 25 years to help others understand technology, Cliff places a high value on creating the best experience possible for his clients. His experience working with technical specialists and understanding their work has developed the tools to prepare effective SR&ED claims.  With over 10 years of internal audit exposure, Cliff has developed a second nature for the types of processes and controls needed to support claims and to improve existing processes to improve future claims. With a broad exposure to technical and non-technical aspects of projects and a strong financial background, Cliff has addressed needs in many areas including:

  • PC software development within the corporate environment
  • Corporate IT infrastructure and architecture financials
  • Wealth Management agent analytics
  • Small Business financial services management analytics
  • Internal audit including IT audit and audit systems
  • PCB and industrial manufacturing

Cliff’s focus is on relationship management, creating the best experience to help others succeed.

Leonard Oyama, B.Eng.

Senior SR&ED Consultant
1-416-499-2861 x363

Leonard has actively been involved in scientific research since 1998. He has extensive experience in the manufacturing, automotive, mechanical engineering, tool & die and extrusion industries. Since joining Braithwaite in 2007, Leonard has filed over 200 successful claims by upgrading the strength and eligibility of the claim, improving documentation and development through an SR&ED Birth Certificate process and developing SR&ED Time Tracking Templates

Professional and Industry Experience:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Stamping
  • CNC machining
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Tool & Die
  • Extrusion
  • Participated and specializes in audits which were successful and filed successful claims for the following years
  • Maintains a 95% success rate on all of his filed claims

Mike Alexander

M.Sc., P.eng.

Professional Engineer,
Research and Development

Mike holds a degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, as well as a Certificate in Management from universities in Poland, Germany and Edmonton, Canada.

After spending more than 20 years in various technical and managerial positions in the Oil and Gas Industry, including international consulting in many parts of the world, Mike started providing SR&ED services in the year 2001. Over this period Mike has successfully completed more than 400 SR&ED Claims for more than 60 clients.

Mike is involved in all aspects of SR&ED Claim preparation, from initial qualifying interview to evaluate the eligibility of the project, through writing technical reports, preparing cost estimates and defending Claims during the SR&ED review.

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