Our engagement process involves a number of steps, the most important being the identification of SR&ED projects occurring within an organization. With our strong technical base, ABGI & Braithwaite Canada has the ability to predict on a very accurate basis, the likelihood of whether a project qualifies for SR&ED tax credits.

Initial Exploratory Meeting

ABGI & Braithwaite Canada offers a free consult to all of our potential clients on the R&D Tax Credit. We will determine along with the client the eligibility of filing a claim to CRA.

Offer of Service & Presentation of Offer

ABGI & Braithwaite Canada tailors our service offers around the needs of our clients. We do not get paid until our clients are paid by CRA.

Discovery/Preliminary Project Identification Stage & Documentation

ABGI & Braithwaite Canada will lay out the ground work for the R&D claim. Our goal is to file each and every claim in a timely manner.

Technological/Science Data Compilation Phase

Technical drafts are created by our team of in-house scientists, engineers and developers. Each client is assigned a specialist specific to their industry.

Taxation/Financial Data Compilation Phase

ABGI & Braithwaite Canada’s in-house CRA friendly costing templates make it easy for clients to track expenditures.

Detailed Project Review & Finalization

All technical write-ups and costing reports are sent to the client before submitting for approval.

Completion of SR&ED Submission

Once approved by the client, ABGI & Braithwaite Canada will send the SR&ED final report to your accountant for submission.

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