Braithwaite Canada’s Victor Cucos recently commented on an article ‘Can The Octopus Brain Save Humanity?’ contributor Jayshree Pandya, contributor group Cognitive World.

His comment on the article is as under:

Will AI make the Luddites (mostly) right? – “Why are we giving the autonomous systems a human-like neural circuit/brain? If we have not been able to make the human race accountable, why would we want to create another intelligent species with human-like neural circuits, and why would we expect them to be accountable and responsible?” The octopus has evolved with much larger nervous systems and greater cognitive complexity and is perhaps closest to an intelligent alien species, which uses and implements a distributed decentralized system. This is perhaps central to the argument that as we move towards developing a decentralized economy — does this approach to artificial intelligence-driven autonomous systems make better sense for the future of human civilization and its security? Important questions and an intriguing argument! Also, don’t forget that Canada offers numerous Grants and Incentives to all AI tech companies – ping me at to find out more cognition decentralization AI Agency Weaponization blockchain

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Source: Forbes: Can The Octopus Brain Save Humanity? Contributor Jayshree Pandya Contributor Group Cognitive World