What We Offer

For over 30 years, ABGI & Braithwaite Canada has evolved to provide the very best services for each and every one of our customers. Our tailored services increase SR&ED funding, lowers time spent on SR&ED writing and allows our customers to use their time wisely on their research and innovation.

Free SR&ED Assessment

A free professional consultation. We determine SR&ED eligibility for all of our customers at no charge

Tailored Meetings

We are capable of conducting weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, or quarterly meetings to assist our customers

Uncovering More SR&ED Eligible Work

We employ PhDs, Engineers, Scientists & Developers that consistently uncover areas of missed opportunities

Maximize Claim Value by 5%-20%

Concerned you’re not claiming everything? You might be right. We often increase claim amounts by 5%-20%

Birth Certificate Tracking Template

ABGI & Braithwaite Canada has developed a template to assist you with key project details

CRA Technical Templates & Costing Templates

Our CRA friendly templates allow for a smooth and easy process for all of our customers

CRA Authorized Submission

We provide you with all the necessary documentation to file a successful SR&ED claim

FTCAS, CAS & Audit\Review Support

Full service support from beginning to end, all included in our very competitive fee

99% Claim Success Rate

Our mission is to maximize your SR&ED claim value with minimal time and effort spent

Get Innovation Funding Today

Engage our experts to optimize your SR&ED claim process, manage the compliance burden and reduce uncertainty

We are excited to notify everyone that the ABGI part of Visiativ Group has completed a merger with Braithwaite Canada. To see what's new, visit ABGI Canada. https://abgi-canada.com/en/